skinny carrot cake swirled cheesecake

Why is carrot cake associated with Easter anyway?


All I can come up with is Easter –> bunnies –> carrots. Thoughts?

And that, my friends, is a peek into the fascinating and complex inner musings of my brain. Let’s just chalk it up to the hundreds of drug names and mass information in general that I have to memorize for my finals, and the subsequent lack of cortical space for anything else.


ANYWAY, carrot cake is a staple around these parts, whether Easter or not. But with this carrot cake, I may have outdone myself, as I tend to like to do. Creamy cheesecake swirled with perfectly spiced carrot cake. This one’s a stunner.

Another thing I like to do: tell you it looks complicated, but it’s actually really easy. And that it is lightened up but ya can’t tell a thing.


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homemade dark chocolate almond butter


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xxl double chocolate chip cookie

For those times you have a crazy chocolate craving and you need it immediately


This is the answer to everything.

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diy: sharpie mugs


I love making (and receiving) homemade gifts, and these mugs were one of my favorite DIYs that I’ve made.


Homemade gifts are always so thoughtful, and I also love gifts with function. These are perfect! Continue reading

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healthy spinach + sausage stuffed mushrooms


A restaurant-worthy appetizer stuffed with spinach, hot Italian sausage, garlic, onion, and a hint of heat, baked until golden brown.

These are AWESOME. I threw them together as an experiment for Thanksgiving, and they turned out way better than expected.

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vegan mini chocolate chip mini muffins


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diy: melted crayon art

These melted crayon art projects were alll the rage on Pinterest a couple months ago.


Are they over? Because I still think they are so awesome!


So easy! Just buy a canvas, a pack of crayons, and grab your hair dryer. The hardest part was putting the crayons in color order (which I have to admit was slightly challenging for my perfectionist tendencies)



Pinterest success


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