mint chocolate chip cookies


You know you’re a total foodie when you get excited about seasonal baking ingredients. Like Andes peppermint crunch baking chips? Sign me up. Holiday M&Ms? Candy cane Hershey kisses? Now you need to restrain me.


Not to mention those gingerbread marshmallows…oh my gosh. Their squishy little deformed bodies are somehow incredibly adorable.


But this post is about the marvelous pairing of mint and chocolate. Because even though it makes me feel even colder, I adore peppermint in the winter.


These cookies can be made in a jiffy, and they are chocolatey and minty fresh. But hurry before the limited edition mint chips vanish from the shelves!


Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
from Kirbie’s Cravings 

1 box of chocolate cake mix
1 cup Nestle dark chocolate and mint morsels
halfway in between 1/3 and 1/2 cup oil
2 eggs

1. Mix together in a large bowl the cake mix, eggs and oil, using
large mixing spoon, until dough is well combined.

2. After the dough has come together, stir in chocolate chips.

3. Take chunks of cookie dough, rolling between your palms to make 1 inch round balls.   Place cookies on sheet, about one inch apart.

4.  Bake at 350 degrees, for 6-8 minutes.  Cool for a few minutes before serving.


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