homemade crunch bars


Want to hear a sad story?

I don’t have an oven here in Dublin.

I have my own room and bathroom, and I share a kitchen and common room with my four fabulous flatmates, two of whom are RAs–the only two RAs in my entire building, and possibly my whole complex. Yes, my first reaction was exactly what you’re thinking right now. But! Since I’m not planning on any illicit activities here (just a tiny obsession with Pear Bulmers)…it’s actually a pretty sweet arrangement. It is especially handy when I lock myself out of my room about three times a day. This way, I can avoid the 2 euro fee (times 58…and counting) down at the residence desk.


Still, the whole realm of cooking is pretty foreign to me, and 99% of the time when I walk in the kitchen, all I really want to do is bake. Sadly, I find myself gravitating toward a nonexistent oven, when all there is under the hob (that’s stove for you non-UK/Ireland dwellers) is a bunch of drawers.

Fortunately for you and me, the interwebs work like a charm, so I can continue to post recipes and banter about my time in Ireland! (How do you like that class Irish lingo I’m picking up? So craic). And don’t you fret, I have quite the selection of recipes saved up to last us for a long time :)

I will also try not to tell any more sad stories from now on;  instead, I will regale you with magical tales of Ireland adventures.


Here is a no bake recipe that you and I can both make! Wherever you are in the world at this very moment, as long as you have a way to melt chocolate, you can make these homemade crunch bars.

All you need is some melting chocolate, rice krispies, and assorted cookie cutters. Like this $1 heart cookie cutter (embarrassing…)

Line a baking sheet with wax paper and place cookie cutters on top.  Melt chocolate according to directions and spoon a bit into each cutter, spreading to the edges and filling the shape.  Sprinkle with rice krispies and spoon more chocolate over the top and spread to cover.

Place baking sheet in the refrigerator until candy is set.  Trim any excess chocolate from around the edges of the cookie cutter with a paring knife, then pop the candy bars out of the cutters.

So easy and cute!


P.S. I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to one of my good friends, Rella! She’s a wise 22 today :) Send her some love on her blog…I hope by the time I have reached that sagacious age, I will be a fraction of the baker that she is. I mean, just look at those bagels. I would be so terrified to try that boiling process. And that drop dead gorgeous challah? Are you serious right now? Have the most wonderful birthday yet!

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