a healthy obsession

Can we talk about how my best friend Amy and I are huge walking contradictions?

Like how we adore vegan food in every shape and form, down to every fiber of its nutty, soy-filled being? And how we hunt down vegan restaurants everywhere we go? Or how we can easily spend three-hour-long Skype seshes solely stalking vegan blogs? (I’m only kind of kidding)

And don’t even get me started on us + Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s.

DESPITE the fact that we were at a Brazilian steakhouse last week and it was the best freaking fantastic thing ever? With neverending meat on meat on meat? Amaze.

So even though we could never imagine giving up Greek yogurt or goat cheese or steak or seafood or other delicious animal things…we have an unhealthy (but actually healthy??) obsession with vegan food.


When we tore up DC this past summer in our vegan pursuits, we found Cafe Green. Which was basically heaven for people like us whose favorite hobbies include reading vegan menus and getting excited over kale chips and raw desserts (we sound supremely cool, I know. You’re just begging to join our crew right now).


Anyway. Let me show you some things that made us happy that day.


We shared the superburger


Exhibit one, with a side of “cheezy” kale chips


And this raw pesto pasta


The “noodles” are completely made from thinly sliced zucchini smothered in deliciously fresh pesto. Sosososo good


Annnd we finished our little vegan dinner date with the most amazing raw cashew-coconut-chocolate cheesecake. Currently offering a lifetime of baked goods reward for anyone with this recipe.


We tend to get super inspired to make things after these vegan adventures (like here or here or here!)…so this copycat recipe happened. To be shared tomorrow.

And so vegan month will carry on! Stay tuned

8 thoughts on “a healthy obsession

  1. HAHAHAHAHAH i cannot express how much i adore you and how hilarious it is you thought of that giant contradiction. can’t wait to come home and bake vegan desserts galore with you tomorrow then stuff myself with turkey on t-giving <3

    p.s. RIP café green :'[

  2. This made me laugh so hard– my sister-in-law and I have a similar relationship with food except that we “tear up” cities in search of the best cupcakes. No joke: this past weekend we did a Hot Chocolate 5K run in Columbus, OH and our 1st words after were– lets google cupcake places… love your blog—happy thanksgiving!!!

    1. Happy thanksgiving to you too!! :) oh trust me, everywhere we go we hunt down vegan cupcakes and desserts. i was just trying to make it seem like we are healthy sometimes hahah i love your blog too!!

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