baking fail

This recipe held so much promise.







Welp, you can’t win em all.


About Bianca

I'm a 20-something optometry student, juggling my aspirations to become a doctor with my passions for food, traveling, and life. You'll find a little bit of each on this blog!
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2 Responses to baking fail

  1. Marnelli says:

    they look so yum, I wouldn’t mind taking that tray of “fail” :D

  2. Ali @ says:

    Maybe I am a purist, but I like to keep my cookies as cookies, my brownies as brownies, and not go overboard mashing them all together. Every time I see a giant mashup of a ton of baked goods I cringe just a little bit (or maybe that’s my teeth, all that sweetness!) :) Sorry it was a fail. That is the worst!

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