Monthly Archives: February 2015

crazy cake day

Back in July 2012, my friend and I decided to make a crazy cake. Used all boxed mixes, not ashamed to admit it.

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chewy double chocolate snickers cookies

This recipe is another winner from Ambitious Kitchen! Use any chopped up candy bar you want. The textures of the chewy caramel and crunchy nuts worked incredibly well in these, but can’t you practically taste how good Reese’s would be in these?

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healthier gluten-free chocolate fudge brownies

Black bean brownie version 4.0! These remind me of those awesome delicious cosmic brownies I used to eat in elementary school (I should’ve added sprinkles!!) but massively improved in the ingredient list! If you’re thinking about trying a black bean brownie … Continue reading

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healthy chocolate chip banana bread bars

Back on the healthier train with these delicious banana bread bars! Not much else to say besides the fact that I’ve made this recipe about a dozen times already–a true rarity reserved for only the very yummiest recipes.

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