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I'm a 20-something optometry student, juggling my aspirations to become a doctor with my passions for food, traveling, and life. You'll find a little bit of each on this blog!

chocolate hazelnut mousse cake (v)

I made these ages ago, and the photos are kind of lackluster. But this space has been quiet, and it needs a little something. This is like those creamy vegan cheesecakes, and it tastes like a chocolatey nutella-covered strawberry.

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healthy homemade peanut butter patties (TAGALONGS)

I totally meant to post these back when it was Girl Scout cookie season…but clearly it is now many months past that. You can thank my stupid school taking over my life (my go-to excuse). Anyway, these cookies are as … Continue reading

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sweet potato brownies (paleo)

These are nothing short of amazing. Seriously, the amount of self-restraint I need for these is ridiculous. I know you probably have a hard time believing that since the pictures aren’t the most enticing, but if you’ve tried any of … Continue reading

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chewy peanut butter cookies (made with peanut flour)

Basically, I found myself with a bag of peanut flour and not a clue how to use it. This cookie recipe was on the side of the bag. After modifying it to make a smaller batch and to use coconut sugar as … Continue reading

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fudgy flourless black bean brownies (sweetened with honey!)

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tried to make black bean brownies fulfill my chewy fudge brownie expectations. I adore this recipe because it is the healthiest iteration yet. It doesn’t use any refined sugar, instead relying on honey … Continue reading

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healthy chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough bites

Healthy bite-sized hunks of peanut butter cookie dough studded with dark chocolate and super simple to make. I love these as a high protein and high fiber snack. (Speaking of healthy snacks…) After chilling in the fridge, the texture is seriously … Continue reading

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EVERYBODY loves snacks.

It’s a fact. Still on the new year healthy train? Let me help you out with that! One of my biggest downfalls in trying to eat healthy is succumbing to ALL THE SNACKS. So the best way to do this … Continue reading

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