healthy chocolate fudge thumbprints (vegan)

Yes, these are super late leftover from Christmas cookies. But they are SO amazingly good that you should ignore the red and green sprinkles and focus on how perfect these thumbprint cookies are. The cookies themselves are soft and fudgy from the black beans (don't doubt me), and the chocolate filling is so smooth and airy, … Continue reading healthy chocolate fudge thumbprints (vegan)

vegan double chocolate muffins

More chocolatey black bean creations! Hope you're on board with that :) The beans basically just made them so soft and squishy! These muffins were awesome. Vegan Double Chocolate Black Bean Muffins From Veggie and the Beast Feast 1 tablespoon chia seeds 3 tablespoons warm water ¾ cup black beans (rinse and drain well, if from … Continue reading vegan double chocolate muffins

gluten-free black bean brownies

So I gave black bean brownies another shot... And while I still think I'm searching for that amazing magnificent version where you can't tell it's not a butter-laden brownie (does it exist??), these are delicious in their own right. They turned out more cakey than fudgey for me (fudgey is a huge brownie factor for … Continue reading gluten-free black bean brownies