pumpkin spice challah

One of my greater achievements of 2015: I mastered the 6-braid challah. This bread isn't overwhelming pumpkin spicy, it just subtly tastes like fall. It's as easy as can be, for a yeast bread that requires two rises. Honestly, the hardest thing about it was not the braid (that was probably the most fun part) but kneading … Continue reading pumpkin spice challah

browned butter brioche cinnamon roll pull apart bread

Making yeasted bread is still very new to me, but even though this was my first time trying brioche dough, I could tell that this bread is something special :) The stick of butter (browned, no less), and 2 eggs make for super decadent loaf of bread. Plus...the fact that it's one giant cinnamon roll! Rolls on rolls on … Continue reading browned butter brioche cinnamon roll pull apart bread

old-fashioned gingerbread

This tastes like Christmas. These aren't your fancy cut out cookies that take a bazillion years to decorate (although I certainly have nothing against them). Nope, just plain good old fashioned gingerbread. Super easy to mix up and bake in a pan, it is warmly spiced and the perfect amount of cakey. Healthy Old Fashioned Gingerbread 2 and … Continue reading old-fashioned gingerbread