chocolate peanut butter coconut buttercups

Buttercups! Doesn't that sound so cute? I used to detest detest detest coconut everything, but my tastebuds have definitely changed. I adapted this from Oh She Glows, and in the process, I negated the nut-free and vegan parts of it. But I'm not sorry at all, because these adorable three-layered buttercups combine my favorite flavors! I've … Continue reading chocolate peanut butter coconut buttercups

dark chocolate walnut fudge (raw, vegan)

This fudge! So incredibly decadent, but every single ingredient is far from your usual condensed milk, ten pounds of butter, and a couple truck loads of sugar. Made of virtuous ingredients and tastes anything but, this is an indulgence that is truly more than the sum of its parts :) Dark Chocolate Walnut Fudge (raw, vegan) … Continue reading dark chocolate walnut fudge (raw, vegan)

skinny chocolate mousse cheesecake with homemade chocolate cookie crust

This cheesecake is amazing. A crunchy homemade chocolate cookie crust that is better and less processed than Oreos. A lightened up cheesecake layer made with Greek yogurt. A light and smooth vegan chocolate mousse layer made with tofu (that you totally cannot taste). A rich and smooth vegan chocolate ganache smothered on top. It seems … Continue reading skinny chocolate mousse cheesecake with homemade chocolate cookie crust