{no bake} pumpkin spice cookie bites

I spent way too long debating whether I should call these pumpkin pie bites vs. pumpkin spice cookie bites. (I still don't know if I made the right decision.) I was getting in a real rut with these no bake laraball-like things shaped into balls. Basically every time I made them, I would go with … Continue reading {no bake} pumpkin spice cookie bites

deep dish chocolate chip cookie pie (no added sugar)

Just shy of three years ago, I made a deeply delicious, deep-dish chocolate chip cookie pie. Then I took a pumpkin spice spin on it. This version uses NO ADDED SUGAR. All of the sweetener comes from my favorite natural sweetener, Medjool dates. I love love love using dates for homemade Larabars. Honestly couldn't tell … Continue reading deep dish chocolate chip cookie pie (no added sugar)