fudgey pumpkin blondies

When I first stumbled upon this recipe…talk about SKEPTICAL. I usually get veeery wary about recipes with beans in them, and consider/back away about a dozen times before I finally decide to give it a try. And I was floored by how much I loved them! All of the ingredients are healthy (yes, I am including the … Continue reading fudgey pumpkin blondies

{no bake} pumpkin spice cookie bites

I spent way too long debating whether I should call these pumpkin pie bites vs. pumpkin spice cookie bites. (I still don't know if I made the right decision.) I was getting in a real rut with these no bake laraball-like things shaped into balls. Basically every time I made them, I would go with … Continue reading {no bake} pumpkin spice cookie bites

healthy pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

October is almost over and I'm finally posting the first pumpkin recipe of the season! Why yes, school keeps me a little busy, how could you tell? I'm just grateful that these were a part of my life at ALL! They are the healthiest rendition of a pumpkin baked good to come out of my kitchen … Continue reading healthy pumpkin chocolate chip muffins