old-fashioned gingerbread

This tastes like Christmas. These aren't your fancy cut out cookies that take a bazillion years to decorate (although I certainly have nothing against them). Nope, just plain good old fashioned gingerbread. Super easy to mix up and bake in a pan, it is warmly spiced and the perfect amount of cakey. Healthy Old Fashioned Gingerbread 2 and … Continue reading old-fashioned gingerbread

chocolate studded cinnamon oatmeal banana bread (vegan + gluten free)

Saturday morning baking! The best thing. Stillll waiting for my pumpkin opportunity though. But the bananas in my house were black and mushy beyond belief, so something had to be done. This healthy banana bread is BOMB. The whole loaf is made of oatmeal, with not much sugar (all brown for caramelized goodness), and a … Continue reading chocolate studded cinnamon oatmeal banana bread (vegan + gluten free)

raisin + walnut zucchini bread

It's August. Tons of zucchini. And no basic zucchini bread recipe to be found on this blog. So I fixed this egregious error. Of course, there's already a chocolate version on here... that thing amazes me every time. It tastes like a hybrid of a cake and a brownie, but do you see how healthy … Continue reading raisin + walnut zucchini bread